Monday, 31 August 2015 01:32

8-31-2015 Minutes

Chaires-Capitola Little League, Inc.

Unaaproved Minutes from August 31, 2015 Meeting

Determine if there is a quorum present (Erin C.)

  • Mike Conway
  • Mike Glantz
  • Danny O’Donnel
  • Erin Cuzzort
  • Chad Pursell
  • Daniel Jeffers
  • Craig Smith
  • Keith Wemm
Quorum Present

Minutes from 7-15-2015 Meeting Approved


  • Resonable cause letter to go to IRS to try to get relief from the $14,000 tax and fee penalty
  • FMB willing to give records at a rate of $25 per hour.
  • Need to file 990s for 2013-14. Craig and Mike will contact Accountant and submit information to get that taken care of
  • Craig clarified that our charter is still valid as we work to resolve the 501c3 status with IRS

Fall Ball

  • Combine Majors and Minors into one Baseball Division
  • Send email to Majors letting them know that the leagues are going to be combined


  • Follow same process that we used in the Spring


  • Move forward with purchase of uniforms


  • will take place on September 14. MP at 6 and Baseball Division at 7

Equipment Clean Up

  • Sunday September 13 at 4:00


  • Baseball Division
    1. David Gregg
    2. Peter Fisher
    3. Chad Pursell
    4. John Bentley
    5. Mike Glantz
  • Machine Pitch
    1. Joey Matthews
    2. Allan Malone
    3. Russ Clark

Member Meeting

  • email the members asking to see if anyone would like to be placed on the ballot
  • All current members except Adam Cowhey are returning. We are still confirming with Chris Mantzanas

Next Meeting will September 10, 2015 at 6:30.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015 20:19

7-15-2015 Minutes

Chaires-Capitola Little League, Inc.

Approved Minutes from July 15, 2015 Meeting

Determine if there is a quorum present (Erin C.)

  • Keith Wemm
  • Craig Smith
  • Adam Cowhey
  • Danny O’Donnel
  • Erin Cuzzort
  • Chad Pursell
Quorum Present


  • Eliminate the 2X6 banner sponsorship for 2015-2016

Fall Ball

  • August 1 registration opens
  • Onsite registrations on 8-8, 8-15, 8-22
  • Evaluations on September 8-9
  • Draft on September 14
  • Practice starts on September 15
  • Games start on September 28
  • No TeeBall
  • $50 for division fees

All Stars

  • Formalize rule that if you do not play in your league age designated division during the regular season, you cannot play in that division in All Stars


  • FMB wantes to charge from statements for past year's filings
  • Discussion about sending letter to IRS to get them to remove interest in penalties stating that that informaion is unknow because of the criminal activity at Chaires


  • Agreed to move forward with the project. We will reach out to Chuck Urban to see if he can attend our next board meeting to discuss the plan for fundraising for the $7500 that will be the leagues contribution

Rules Review

  • Craig Smith will head up a rules review

Next Meeting will Monday, August 31.

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