October 10, 2014

Dear Chaires-Capitola Little League Families,

On October 1st, the newly elected Board of Directors of Chaires-Capitola Little League stepped up to the plate. We are a diverse group with backgrounds as varied as chemist to computer scientist, attorneys to accountants, plumber to graphic artist. But we are united in our aspiration of making every child’s experience at Chaires their best baseball or softball experience.

As the Board works to harness the potential at Chaires and transform it into a premiere Little League program, our ultimate goal is to create a park where memories will be built that last a lifetime. When your children are grown, they will reminisce about their first taste of the thrill of victory and when they realized that a defeat was an opportunity to learn. They will remember the freedom of being able to roam around the park with their friends, the first time they were allowed to go to the concession stand all by themselves. They will recall the countless hours playing wall ball with the other packs of kids. And they will be able to summon up the sounds of the park – the bats hitting the balls, the impact of the balls in the gloves, the calls of the umpires and the cheers of the crowd. And you will remember the spring evenings when your life slowed down for a couple of hours and your sole focus was on the pleasure of watching your child play a game that they loved.

We look forward to creating these memories with you. Please follow us on our website at www.chairesll.com and like our Facebook page for information and announcements.

Erin Cuzzort
President, Chaires-Capitola Little League
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